Literature Lab™ mines PubMed to provide quick, comprehensive and accurate findings from the biomedical literature.

Literature Lab™ reveals biomedical associations other analytic platforms cannot. As the biomedical literature grows, scientists can't keep up with it, and they are missing connections that can impact the course of their research. The Literature Lab™ database and the two Literature Lab™ applications present relationships mined from every PubMed abstract since January 1, 1990 - more than 19.6 million abstracts, and growing by more than one million new abstracts each year.

The first Literature Lab™ application is an easy-to-use query tool that illuminates relationships around your area of interest. It's powerful and it's easy, and you can get started with a free Literature Lab database report right away

Literature Lab™ PLUS seizes opportunities for discovery
buried in 19 million scientific journal abstracts.

Literature Lab PLUS performs a statistical analysis on the literature as it relates to experimentally-derived gene lists, helping you understand how the genes fit into the phenotype you are observing and illuminating better testable hypotheses from your laboratory data. Literature Lab™ PLUS uses the Literature Lab™ database to reveal associations other platforms cannot find.