Literature Lab™ mines PubMed to provide comprehensive and accurate findings from the biomedical literature.

The literature record within PubMed is too vast (>20 million publications to date) to permit comprehensive interrogation and identification of actionable associations through conventional searching. Over 12 million abstracts mention one or more human genes, over 8 million mention one or more pathways, and modern high content genomic technologies are producing data at rates that outpace meaningful interpretation by legacy analysis platforms.

Acumenta Biotech has created Literature Lab™, the only literature mining platform that identifies statistically significant associations between gene lists and key concepts in the literature. At the basic level, Literature Lab™ can explore co-occurrences between term domains, e.g.: diseases versus pathways. At a more rigorous level, Literature Lab™ PLUS interrogates gene lists, including those derived via high content platforms, and scores the strength of each gene set/term association and significance based on 1000 random gene list comparison. It respects the uniqueness of each gene set and returns consistent and unique results accordingly. Literature Lab™ identifies significant associations in a timely manner and reveals concepts and relationships that other gene list analysis platforms cannot.

The base Literature Lab™ application is an easy-to-use query facility that illuminates foundational relationships in clear and actionable formats. You can get started with a free Literature Lab database report or data set analysis right aw

Literature Lab™ PLUS finds opportunities for discovery
hidden in over 20 million scientific journal abstracts.

Literature Lab™ PLUS performs a statistical analysis on the literature as it relates to experimentally-derived gene lists, showing how the genes fit into the phenotype you are observing and illuminating actionable hypotheses from your laboratory data. It uses the Literature Lab™ database to reveal associations other platforms cannot find. Each Literature Lab™ PLUS analyses is zero-based and unique, derived from associations in the literature for each gene in the set with over 80,000 biological and biochemical terms. This approach contrasts with the reductive enrichment approaches based on purely computational techniques or comparisons to other gene sets.