PAUL MARTINEZ, President and CEO

Paul Martinez is a founder of Acumenta Biotech and draws on his 35 years of experience in marketing and sales of high technology and business management products and services. Prior to Acumenta Biotech, Paul was a Senior Business Consultant for Mainspring, Inc., an e-strategy consulting company acquired by IBM in 2001. Prior to Mainspring, Paul was National Sales Manager for Information Access Company where he participated in developing the Internet marketing strategy for the company's online business research databases. Paul's previous experience was with marketing, sales, and product management in the areas of executive information systems, decision support, advanced user/machine interfaces and business planning and control.

Paul is a survivor of colon cancer. An inveterate reader, he studied all he could about his condition during his treatment. Observations of how the scientific literature was being searched and used by investigators gave him a passion to enable more efficient use of the literature and acclerated research for life scientists involved in the discovery R & D processes.

DAMON ANDERSON, PhD, Vice President of Business Development

Damon Anderson offers over 20 years of research experience and an expansive body of knowledge in the biomedical sciences. He has performed basic and applied research in the fields of infectious disease, neurobiology, cardiology, pathology, clinical and analytical chemistry, biodefense, and structural biology. With 18 peer-reviewed publications, he has fostered technology development and clinical translational investigations throughout industry and academia. At Harvard Medical School, Damon led several projects focused on development of mass spectrometry based methods for the study of clinical biomarkers of disease. He managed technology development and sponsored research projects with Qiagen and the therapeutics company Alnylam. At Boston Children's Hospital, he collaborated in several published clinical studies including a clinical trial for a novel pediatric iron deficiency screening diagnostic.

Damon’s objectives at Acumenta Biotech include developing sales and marketing strategies that enable enhanced product visibility and market penetration. The role includes all aspects of business development from strategic planning, to industry engagement, product innovation and implementation.

DAVID SLONINA, Vice President of Customer Support

Dave Slonina is a founder of Acumenta Biotech and brings over 30 years of experience in customer care, quality assurance, system engineering, project implementation, and service bureau processing to Acumenta Biotech. He has assembled and managed award-winning customer service organizations at The Saddlebrook Corporation, servicing an installed base of over 350 commercial banks, savings banks, savings & loans, and mortgage bankers, Litle & Company (now Paymentech), a credit card transaction processing company, and SandPoint Company, supporting knowledge workers at Global 1000 businesses and government agencies.

Most recently, Dave designed and managed the Quality Assurance and Customer Support functions for Escher Group, Limited, the developer of Riposte, Escher's flagship peer-to-peer messaging solution that has grown to become the market leader in post office automation. Riposte is currently licensed on over 100,000 desktops worldwide including the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, and Singapore.


Steve Taylor was a founder of Acumenta Biotech. He applied over 45 years of experience as a software engineer, engineering manager and Chief Technology Officer to Acumenta Biotech.

As a co-founder and CTO of The Saddlebrook Corporation, Steve developed back-office and front-office applications for the banking industry including general ledger and associated applications, a commercial lending application, and a fully integrated, consumer banking front-office system that included the automation of all of the major deposit and loan applications for a retail bank.

Steve was also a co-founder and CTO of SandPoint Company where he designed and managed the implementation of an application platform that searched for and delivered text information to the desktop. Introduced in 1990, SandPoint's Hoover product, an intelligent software agent, enabled knowledge workers in Global 1000 companies to query publicly available text information from multiple sources such as Dow Jones, Reuters, and Knight-Ridder's Dialog Information Services.

Steve's development team used the Hoover platform to build a Competitive Compound Tracking application that integrated information from 12 public and private biomedical and news databases, and was widely adopted within the Pharmaceuticals industry.

Steve received an undergraduate degree in industrial management from MIT and attended Harvard Business School. Steve died from thoracic cancer in 2012.